Photo credit:  Community

Photo credit: Community


Allyn Rippin is a writer and artist based in Athens, Georgia.

Since childhood, writing for Allyn has been an act of love, creation and, at times, necessity. The alchemy of “writing” has taken many forms throughout her life — collage, mixed tapes, journaling, public speaking, creating workshops, photography….but the written word is always home base.

If life is about finding purpose and meaning, hers is to connect us deeply to the human experience and to make a contribution to a more conscious world. Helping us connect to our senses, nature and each other is her primary goal. She writes,

I think the artist ultimately seeks to capture something fundamentally human. My work is about finding these connective tissues — the places we all share.

With a background that includes healthcare design and wellness coaching, Allyn creates conditions for others to thrive. In her art, themes of healing, growth, spirituality, nature and observations on human nature reveal themselves in a style that is both autobiographical and universal.

I write from personal experience in a way that others can see themselves. My deepest satisfaction is when I can help someone articulate their own experience and know they aren’t alone. My words and images are reflective surfaces - tiny mirrors. Within that reflection, we can see the complexity and beauty of this human life through new eyes.