Everything is Possible

Buvez, Athens GA - Summer 2019

Social media can be used in many ways, but what fascinates me most is how Instagram can become a powerful tool for personal growth, healing and self-discovery.

Photo credit: Buvez

Photo credit: Buvez

Much like how we curate our social circles, wardrobes and homes, the platform encourages conscious curation. In other words, intentionally choosing who we follow. Surrounding ourselves with people, ideas, words and images that uplift and inspire. Concentrating our feeds to reflect a desire for better health, greater awareness, more joy. 

Conscious curation is the potential for transformation.

Many of us are on a quest to come home to our authentic selves — to live a good life, to feel good in our bodies, to do what we came here to do. While the journey may feel singular, we are inextricably tied to the collective. We heal in community, grow in community. 


Buvez is a vibrant meeting point, so it feels only natural to bring the spirit of Instagram here. The four walls become a place for personal discovery, an opportunity for reflection, a way to bump into new ideas and perspectives. It is a place for exchange, but also a place to feel imminently supported.