Connect with nature....

use your senses...

share an experience with like-minded women...

soak in the sunshine and fresh air...

slow down to the rhythm of two and four legged creatures.


As women who work in the creative arts - whether your medium is clay, words, paint or energy - it is essential to keep our flame of inspiration burning. To keep our instrument of creativity attuned.

To Rest and Refill our cup When needed.


Unplug and join me for a restorative farm retreat tucked away on a country road in rural Georgia.  

Traveling to A new landscape...walking in the natural world...pausing to notice the beauty around you..... 

There will be focused activity with plenty of space for flow...and breath and reflection.

What to Expect

We will begin with a tour of the farm with our gracious host, Mimi Vickers, to get ourselves oriented. We will then gather for a guided meditation to open the senses, set our intention and receive an assignment. Participants will have a swath of time to disperse into the environs and enjoy some "solo traveling", to observe, gather, reflect and create, if the inspiration strikes. We will reconvene to share our travels and souvenirs. Ready for nourishment, we will break for a delicious, seasonal lunch with time for conversing and connecting. Post-lunch is our time to learn something new in the spirit of wellness with a hands-on "making" activity (we'll let the season guide us). To conclude the day, we'll seal in its goodness and set forth for home. The farm will stay open all afternoon for those who wish to linger (or create) a little longer. 

*             *             *

Space is very limited so that we can keep the gathering intimate.

$65, includes lunch and take homes from the farm

(10% of proceeds will go to Wild Intelligence, an Athens-based education program that connects kids to nature.)

To reserve your place, visit the Live Nourished shop.

* You are welcome to bring a camera, sketchbook or other medium. Carpooling is encouraged! Rain date TBD.

A personal Haven

As a New Yorker for over a decade, I traveled home to my roots, to farm life, often to bring balance back into my body and spirit. It was a deeply fortifying environment that gave me energy, grounding and renewed appreciation for life. I spent many a visit walking barefoot in the yard, eating cherry tomatoes off the vine, rocking in the hammock and taking pictures of the giant pecan trees silhouetted against the sky. Working in social services, there are times when I can feel depleted and burned-out. I see it as a sign to check in with myself, get in the car and head south. The farm continues to be a place of revitalization, and it thrills me to be able to share this sacred place with you.

About Vickers Farm

Vickers Farm is located 35 miles south of Athens in Union Point, GA. The 36-acre, historic property dates back to the mid 1800s and has operated as a small, working family farm for over 30 years. This idyllic spot with its gardens, pond and pastures, is also home to a peaceable kingdom of creatures big and small. Goats, sheep, chickens, peacocks, dogs, horses, and even a pair of pot bellied pigs. Throughout the years, Vickers Farm has also hosted school groups, artists workshops and countless friends and family on special occasions. Each season on the farm brings its unique beauty. Late Spring is especially alive with bird calls, lush greenery and warmer days.   


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