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Nourish yourself, Root to TiP

Nourishment comes in many forms: food, love, community, movement, spirituality, meaningful work, creativity, family... To thrive, to be whole and healthy, requires that these things be expressed and in balance.

Sometimes it's easier in theory than practice. 

As a certified integrative health and wellness coach, my great pleasure is helping you learn how to nourish yourself at the heart, mind, spirit and cellular levels -- daily. I offer guidance to help you navigate the path, much of it learned through my own healing transformation and lifetime of study in what it means to take good care. We cover the spectrum of nourishment, from nutrition to sleep hygiene, lifestyle habits to mindset strategies, relationship at work and home, deeply fortifying self care practices, and what makes life extra sweet.

Whether you need accountability, a new perspective or someone to walk beside you, I am with you every step of the way.

Self care is….

Learning how to Take good care of Yourself

Sophisticated machinery comes with a user manual; humans do not. We are hardwired with animal instincts -- eat when hungry, sleep when tired -- but self care goes deeper. It takes curiosity, love and the practice of falling down and getting back up, over and over. It invites us to reconvene with our intuition, that guiding lamp, and connect to our body's natural intelligence.

To trust your Inner Authority.

Radical self love and personal tending take time to develop, especially if you have experienced trauma, addiction, burnout, or simply the demands of modern day life.

But feeling whole and good is your birthright. 

just the beginning

There is power in knowing what your body (and life) needs to thrive. When you feel your best, you have the energy, clarity and confidence to live your best life. Self care is the foundation for personal transformation and growth.

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Working with Allyn has been incredibly rewarding on many levels. She is a gifted listener who responds and inquires with the insight of experience, and most importantly, through a loving guidance, she allows her clients to craft their own paths to a healthier life, both inside and out. I am forever thankful.
— Patrick
As a mental health counselor, I’ve had the great privileging of collaborating with Allyn for the benefit of a client I had been treating for substance misuse. Allyn helped our client shift focus away from calorie-counting and body-loathing, instead promoting nutrition and body acceptance. Our client returned to me feeling inspired and reinvested in therapy with healthier nutritional practices in her toolkit and a more positive perception of her own body; I cannot thank Allyn enough for that.
— Devon