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my story?

You know there is more waiting for you. May have experiened a trauma, addiction, family member with additction, or unhealthy habits and know this is holding you back.

I work with anyone who is ready for change and wants to step into the next version of themselves. I specialize in those overcoming substance abuse and their loved ones who feel the effcts of their loved ones addiction. I work with building self esteem.  

Holistic, integrative approach:

alignment, nourishment, purpose, subconscious blocks from getting the green light. 

Bring your life into alignment: diet, rituals and routines, home environment, relationships, thoughts. 

The spaces in which you live: home, work, do the spaces and objects of your life reflect where you are now and where you want to be? 


Diet: are your choices serving you?

Community and Connection: part of a whole, supported


Thoughts and beliefs

Creativity and purpose

Vital nutrients: love, touch, sunlight, air and water

Money and finances: 





Working with Allyn has been incredibly rewarding on many levels. She is a gifted listener who responds and inquires with the insight of experience, and most importantly, through a loving guidance, she allows her clients to craft their own paths to a healthier life, both inside and out. I am forever thankful.
— Patrick
As a mental health counselor, I’ve had the great privileging of collaborating with Allyn for the benefit of a client I had been treating for substance misuse. Allyn helped our client shift focus away from calorie-counting and body-loathing, instead promoting nutrition and body acceptance. Our client returned to me feeling inspired and reinvested in therapy with healthier nutritional practices in her toolkit and a more positive perception of her own body; I cannot thank Allyn enough for that.
— Devon