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NOurish yourself root to tip


What feeds you?

Nourishment comes in many forms: food, love, community, movement, spirituality, meaningful work, creativity, family... To thrive, to be whole and healthy, requires that these things be expressed and in balance.

Sometimes it's easier in theory than practice. 

Writing your user manual.

Sophisticated machinery comes with a user manual; humans do not. We are hardwired with animal instincts -- eat when hungry, sleep when tired -- but self care goes deeper. It takes curiosity, love and the practice of falling down and getting back up over and over. It invites us to reconvene with our intuition, that guiding lamp, and connect to our body's natural intelligence. Self care does not always come easy, especially for those who have suffered from trauma, addiction, workplace burnout, or simply the demands of the modern day family.

But feeling whole and good is your birthright. 

self care is just the beginning. 

Empowerment is knowing what your body (and life) needs to thrive.  When you feel your best, you have the energy, clarity and confidence to live your best life. Self care is the foundation for personal transformation and growth.

Self care is the stuff dreams are made of.

I Am Here to help.

As a writer and coach, my great pleasure is helping you nourish at the heart, mind, spirit and cellular levels -- daily. I offer wellness coaching as well as regular content to help you navigate the path. 

Contact me here to learn more.