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Plural space health

Live Nourished is part of an overall mission to create healthy, happy people and communities. Plural Space Health is our vision for a collaborative, person-centered approach to healthcare that addresses the whole person. Plural spaces bring multiple perspectives together -- from architects to patients, farmers markets to senior centers -- to re-define the experience of health, wellbeing and aging.

PSH is a commitment to the health journey of others, and it has been my passion for almost a decade -- from advising architects in the design of hospitals to designing wellness programs for older adults. There are many faces of medicine today; together we create wholistic environments in which people can heal, grow and thrive.

Plural Space Health in action:


Senior Centers & Community Wellness

Senior centers are more than a bingo parlor; they are places of life, learning, fellowship and hope. We partner with local healthcare systems, businesses and agencies to provide access to nutrition, medical appointments, socialization and services that keep our senior community active, engaged and independent. We invite doctors, dieticians, fitness instructors, master gardeners, farmers, musicians, artists, and more, to enrich the lives of our members -- and to be enriched in return.

ExPanding the Care Team with Coaches

Doctors recommend lifestyle changes, but patients aren't sure where to start. Moms and dads and working professionals feel exhausted and need to get life back in balance. Clients recovering from addiction seek to chart a new path of self care. Coaches are some of the newest members of the healthcare team, forming a network of support with allied mental health and medical professionals to treat the whole person. As a health coach and mentor, I have helped clients master their self care. My goal is holistic habit change that considers all the ingredients for health and vitality, from diet, exercise and sleep to relationships and work life to living with joy and purpose.


Humanizing Healthcare through design research

The built environment has the power to heal. Exposure to sunlight, the way furniture is arranged, the layout of a unit, etc., have been shown to improve health outcomes in hospitals. As a design researcher, I have worked in collaboration with architects, designers, and medical teams to understand the needs and challenges of patients, families and staff caregivers. Person-centered research allows us to hear their stories and walk in their shoes so we can design spaces and experiences that are more nurturing, reassuring and supportive.