As New Years Eve approaches, we tend to focus a lot on resolutions. What routines or new regimens are you planning to add to the coming year? While that's all well and good, first you have to go in the opposite direction. What in my life can I release that no longer feels right or brings me what I want and need? What do I need to take off my plate in order to make room for something new? 

I love the emphasis we place on endings as we reach the end of the calendar year.  My psychic decluttering started around a winter solstice bonfire, where close friends gathered to throw into the fire all the things from 2017 that no longer serve and invite in new and better for 2018. Personally, I have sensed a few endings that need to happen - in fact, some have been nipping at my intuition for months. Ending a series of professional, personal and financial relationships that have run their course. Finally addressing some nagging dental work that needs attention. Getting off the fence of ambivalence and making some bold, clear choices. Cutting unwanted, negative emotions from my team.

The theme of this annual turning is this: take care of unfinished business. Take some time to free up some emotional and personal bandwidth. Tighten the ship and put things in their right place so that you can more fully and wholeheartedly (and determinately!) launch into 2018. It may look like a laundry list, but really what you're doing is finally sweeping away underlying worry and disruptions that block you from making all those beautiful resolutions and ambitions come to fruition. Look at the key areas of your life and see what isn't working. Is it a relationships? How you're handling money? Are there chores or decisions that have been on your plate for way too long? Whether you realize it or not, these little things add up and draw energy and attention away from your bigger aspirations and dreams -  like a software program running in the background clogging the system. 

As we close the year, it's time for action - now and in the days to come. It has been such an honor to share my journey with you this past year and I am excited to tighten the strings and draw back the bow on 2018. Thank you for your readership and support - it means the world. See you on the other side! xo, Allyn

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