One of my favorite morning rituals involves making juice. It takes time to prepare the ingredients and clean the juicer, but the reward is not only the freshness of flavor and the concentration of nutrients, but its color. I wonder, 'What beauty from nature's palette will I create today?'

For me, eating is a sensory experience. I prefer to see nutrition not as something we *should* do, but as an act of pleasure whenever possible. When I juice, I know that my body is asking for more nutrients. (That pork fried rice from yesterday finally caught up with me!) Honor this call as an opportunity to slow down and enjoy the process of making. Tap into your inner artist or scientist -- find delight in selecting ingredients, mixing combinations and experimenting with results.

Is coming home to the kitchen a recurrent theme in your self care journey? Time and time again I come back to my kitchen as a way to get grounded. To return to my body after a whirlwind day or anchor my morning. Working with whole foods is also a chance to practice mindfulness. Half the pleasure is getting lost in the flavors, colors and seasonality, and the burst of nutrition waiting to replenish you.

RECIPE: Pink Sunrise Beet and Carrot Juice

Half large beet + 2 carrots + inch peeled ginger + small wedge peeled lemon + a few strawberries (in season! and gives that pop of pink) + 2-3 mint leaves

Makes about 4 oz (I believe in less is more, especially if you are sensitive to sugars)

Allyn RippinComment