"Eat right and exercise" is the universal Rx for healthy living. When it comes to fitness, though, we tend to focus on the broad categories -- yoga, running, the gym -- as if these are the only choices. As a result, we may find ourselves committing to the "right" kind of exercise but end up in a workout we don't actually enjoy or, like many of us, we lose interest altogether.

When it comes to exercise, the Live Nourished philosophy is this: find what you love. Not everyone is built for boot camp, and there is no shame in that. Move your body in a way that inspires you. Set a goal to move your body every day and see what happens. Notice how often you follow through. Focus on "how can I make my body feel good" rather than "how do I break a sweat."

By taking a more personalized approach, you are more likely to hit the exercise jackpot: a workout that doesn't feel like one. At the local Senior Center, for example, line dancing is all the rage. Members love the challenge and that it is, above all, fun. It's just dancing to music! Exercise can feel like a chore, but positive movement feels more generous, more doable, more enticing. We tend to like novelty and variety in our diets - physical fitness is no different.

"Exercise" is a broad recommendation open to interpretation. It doesn't have to look like anything you see in a fitness magazine or what you think your workout "should" be. Why limit yourself to running on a track - try a local hiking trail instead. Get some quality time with mother nature and some cardio, both key nutrients for a well-nourished life. Kick off your sneakers for some salsa shoes. The joy of shedding the baggage of the "ideal" workout is discovering exactly what version or combination works best for you and your body...and then saying, hey, I'm looking forward to doing this!

Allyn RippinComment