Many people out there are looking for a quick weight loss remedy. How To Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days. We tend to think of weight loss as a physical process of shedding unwanted pounds. What if there was another kind of weight we could drop - a way of losing weight that would make us feel just as light, just as liberated?

Weigh loss can be instantaneous. Simply changing your perspective or taking one simple action can shift your energy and lift you into brighter, lighter open skies. For example, have you noticed the lightness and relief in your body after making a tough decision and realizing it was a good one? Or the joy and love that eventually finds its way into a once heavy heart? Or how taking one thing off your plate helps you breathe easier again?

I am always amazed by how much heaviness we carry in our bodies without realizing it. Like the hum of a ceiling fan, weight that starts in the mind (and travels to the body) becomes like background noise, even second skin. We may not realize that energetic patterns have a density, too. For those who have experienced trauma, the body may continue to hold itself in a form of protection, and that self-defense mechanism constricts the flow of energy in the body. We may experience that as lethargy and fatigue. For those under chronic stress, tension can become habitual to the point is is barely perceivable...perhaps until a wonderful vacation comes along. 

Shifting from heavy to light takes practice. One of my favorite questions for creating this shift is: What if? What if I no longer need to hold onto this pain? What if I no longer need to suffer from this ailment? What if I am perfect just how I am? What if my life could be different, even more magical? Then what? Notice the sensation in your body as you begin to imagine life free of the internal confines that have kept you from growing, dancing, and running free. Let it all drop to the floor with a gentle and affirmative "yes." Instead of shedding physical pounds, perhaps start by shedding the unwanted fears, self beliefs and limitations that have been weighing you down for quite some time.  

Allyn RippinComment