Anchored in Possibility

I love anchor words. Words like centered, grounded, create, restore….Words that have a deep personal resonance, that provide a kind of coordinate to your roadmap of life. A tuning fork for focus. I often choose one at the start of a new year as a way to channel my intention for the coming months, but they can be created and utilized at any time. Especially when life feels messy, overwhelming and strewn to bits. An anchor word can literally feel like you’ve dropped anchor in choppy waters, for a moment tethering to something more solid and stable. It brings all the parts into a point.

Possibility. That’s a potent one for me these days. A year ago I taped an affirmation to my mirror that said “Everything is possible.” Pretty ambitious, I know, but in retrospect I was cutting through the fog of “hoping” my life would come into greater alignment. Hope can be a powerful anchor word, too, but it can imply a lack of surety and a reliance on something outside of ourselves to materialize. Possibility suggests something different. When you believe something is possible for yourself, even in the absence of seeing it, even if you have no way of knowing where, where or how, it means it is already alive within you. Your heart, mind and imagination have touched it’s essence. Something within you has already said yes.

One of the greatest gifts a teacher (or parent or friend) can offer you is the belief that what you seek is possible. This belief is inherently optimistic and opens you into thinking more richly, broadly and widely about your life. Share your ambitions and private revelations with someone who believes everything is possible for you. Give yourself this anchoring over and over. Tape it up to the wall. Feel the expansiveness that comes. Fill your dreams with the warm, welcoming (and exciting!) air of possibility and watch them lift off.

Allyn RippinComment