The Year of Proud

Happy new year, dear friends. I hope you feel as much excitement and anticipation about the coming year as I do. I hope you feel peace, acceptance and gratitude for the 365 days that have just passed. Some of those days haven’t been easy. Some may have exceeded expectations. Either way, today we stand as the sum total of those days; the sum of this life we have come here to live.

What Are You Most Proud Of?

I have used this question many times over the past week to help me as I reflect on the past and re-focus my energies and intentions for 2019. This was my year (and a life, really) of feeling proud. A pride that comes from overcoming resistance and stepping outside my comfort zone. Of setting my mind and doing it. The things in my life I’m most proud of have been the scariest, the biggest risk, the things I worked hardest for that worked out. Even the things that didn’t work out.

While today we get the chance to begin anew, we do not begin with a clean slate. We are an accumulation of all of our experiences and essences - a rich layering of lessons, learnings, and blessings that have brought us to this very moment and shaped who we are today. On Day 1, I continue to use this question to guide my journaling and list of goals. What Do I Want To Feel Most Proud Of This Year? And This Lifetime? Spiritual teacher and author Wayne Dyer calls this “thinking from the end.” It means imagining the conditions you desire as if you already have them. Take a moment to feel what it feels like to be living in this place where you feel connected with a profound sense of pride — with this relationship, this surrounding, this achievement, this opened heart. Feel the smile that warms your body with just the thought.

Wishing you SO many blessings, adventures and realized desires this year. I look forward to continuing the journey with you.



Allyn RippinComment