Waiting for What's Next

You’ve probably noticed that life is marked by periods of ebb and flow. Socially, creatively, financially…these peaks and valleys are part of the natural cycle of life. The fertile periods bring excitement and lots of activity, whereas the fallow times bring stillness, more quiet and an opportunity to restore ourselves. Yet, we often associate the dip with a feeling of Lack, as if our creative juices have dried up indefinitely. Self doubt begins to surface and we wonder if we will ever produce good work, material abundance, or momentum again. Often times, after a period of flow, we may be unsure of the next step or where to head next.

I know as a writer and creative person, I find myself digging into these fallow times with more curiosity and patience these days. After a glorious few weeks filled with interviews, speaking engagements, and art making, I found myself standing in a field of proverbial crickets, wondering where the inspiration and ideas vanished. Suddenly the magic carpet ride was over and I was staring at a blank canvas once again. Anxiety began to rise, yet there was also a voice calling me to sit still and breathe. So I started there, settling my mind, and re-established a connection to my body through breath work, meditation, and five minutes of uninterrupted gratitude. From there I became aware of a tightness in my abdomen, a clenched fist in my solar plexus. A clenching that, I have learned, is a signal I am trying to control the flow of life and protect myself from uncertain outcomes.

This time I asked, “What do you want to show me?”

In that moment, it became clear that the Unknown is exactly the space in which inspiration wants to enter. The blank slate is full of possibility and potential if we open ourselves to it. That means sitting with the discomfort of not knowing what / when / or how. It means trusting that you are supported, that good things WILL come again. Much like Winter, the fallows have a fertile edge, too. Thus, waiting for what’s next becomes an important time to strengthen and clarify your vision, to play with your imagination and reconnect to your body’s wisdom. It’s a time to take stock, re-evaluate, and gather - but most importantly, to stay open. When you re-establish contact with yourself in this way, you are better able to hear the call of divine inspiration when it strikes again.

And it will.

Allyn RippinComment